DAY 51 (11.03.2018) - Bye Slovenia, Hi Prague

When you travel your life changes during the trip, not only because your meet new people or because you can't stop learning, but also because you have to move from one city to another too many times. And of course, each movement is a farewell for us. 

Today we had to say goodbye to Slovenia (a beautiful city that I'd love to come back) and to the people from de NGO Robert and Samer. 

Our bus was delayed so we waited for an hour to take it but finally after 9 hours travelling we arrived to Karez, a village from Chezc Republic.

It was really strange because we arrived at an old train station, and that is the place,  we are going to live and work. 

Our faces in the moment we arrived were incredible, because we didn't understand at all why we were here.

The flats where we are going to spend 5 days are really old, but I think it has charm. Now is time to sleep, tomorrow we start we are new adventure.”

 By Florencia


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


Tags: Prague

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