“Today we started our day very late but there was a reason for it. We went to sleep at 4am and we were so tired that we could not wake up before 11am. Our new host is Mr Jamison Young, our new home is an old train station and our new city is Karez. Everything seems different and looks different, but this is all part of the experience, one day we are in Slovenia and the next day we are in Czech Republic and every 10 day it will be different. I love it!

After have a brunch Jamison presented us the work we have to do for the next few days. We are going to help him with the restoration of the building. It will be mainly manual labor. We cannot wait to start doing something. He divided the team and we worked few hours in different tasks. Some were cleaning the big window and others were removing old painting from the doors. 

At evening we had dinner, and everyone went to bed.”

By Carla


“Work day in Prague. Imagine living in a 1910 train station, imagine that instead of looking cars passing you just see trains around. Imagine a big, old house with 2 flats, full of antiques, boat paintings, women paintings, and pigs distributed in the hole house. Yes, here we are living now, our new house for 5 days. It's super nice to live in the same place where we have to work.

Jameson, the owner of the house prepared the breakfast for all of us and then we started to work. We repaired windows, doors to put this place beautiful. Our goal here is to help Jameson to be closer to his dream that is became this place into a hotel and a place where people can come to pass time far from de city.”

By Florencia


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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