“Today we woke up early to keep on working on the restauration of the house. I was scrapping the paint out of the windows with sandpapers with Gema and Miguel and then helped transporting rocks from one place to another. After a small break for a soup, we continued working and I went to take off the paint of the doors and then with the entire team to move wood from one place to another. 

At 3pm we stopped working and got ready to take a walk to the Castle of Zbiroh around the lake, it was sunny and a very nice walk. After walking a bit more in the surroundings of the castle, we had a tour inside the castle, where they showed us it's history and told us about its numerous owners. 

After that it was time to get back home walking, have dinner and a nice hot shower to finish the day.”

By America


“Today we started early in the morning, Jameson told us that the building where we are working is from 1910, and he bought it 15 years ago.

We kept working with windows, doors and garden and after that we walked for 1 hour to go to a castle.

It was a really good day because little by little we are seeing the results.”

By Florencia


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


Tags: Prague

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