DAY 56 (16.03.2018) - Last day at the Train Station

Today was our last working day in the train station. We managed to finish the painting and the gardening before 2pm. 

For lunch Jamison took us to a pizza place 20 minutes from home. Unfortunately, the restaurant was full and it was impossible to find seats for 12 people. We ended up eating in another restaurant and the food was very good.

On our way home, Jamison thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to walk  instead of taking the bus so that’s we did. The only problem was that it started raining and it was cold but no one complained because we are the WLE team and we take any adventure very seriously. Good team!

Later we had dinner all together for the last time and then everyone enjoyed some free time.

By Carla


And I cannot believe that we have already spent more than 2 months together, and I cannot believe the number of things we have learned and the amount we still need to learn.
The time passes so fast that sometimes I find it a bit difficult to be present at all times.

In 5 days I learned to cut the grass, to fix a window, to paint it, to recycle garbage, to clean up and live in an old train station.

By Florencia


Today we woke up early to have breakfast and do the cleaning of the house, we cleaned the bedrooms, the toilets, corridors and the kitchen. It was a very different morning because it was snowing today after a few days of good weather. Then we had a walk in the snow to the station and took the train to Prague.

By Rodrigo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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