DAY 57 (17.03.2018) - Ghost Tour on our first day in Prague

We all thought that the winter was gone for good. The weather was warmer, the flowers discreetly tried to blossom, everything started to get greener and greener. But when nature isn't willing, there's nothing we can do. Today, we woke up to see everything covered in white. At -4°c, the snow kept falling all day.

Those are the conditions in which we came to Prague. While Jameson took our luggage by car, we walked to the train station. 

We had almost the whole afternoon free and at seven we got an Underground Tour, that showed us the less obvious places of the old part of the city, with spooky (or sometimes creepy) stories attached. A very good alternative for anyone trying to escape the monotony of a regular city tour (especially if you know Prague already).

By Freddy


First day in the capital city of Prague was like an average winter day, with the cold and windy weather. Prague is a city rich in legends and myths, so a ghostly night tour was organized for us. The pretty short tour, led by cute Tatiana from Russia, took us through the historical parts of the city as we were told plenty of mysterious facts that greatly caught my attention and interest. 

By Artem


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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