DAY 58 (18.03.2018) – The secrets of Prague

“Second tourist day in Prague! Each day I fall more in love with that city.

We started in the morning with Richard, a man from Prague who is also a photographer. 

He showed us some non- touristic areas of Prague and then we did another tour with Scott. I must say that this one was amazing! 

We walked around downtown, and then we went to the castle. He told us some secrets about Prague and we had great time with him! 

Then I had to prepare my back pack, because we have 2 free days and I'm going to Poland!” 

By Florencia


“We had a late beginning this morning as Richard, our guide for the morning, arrived at our flat late. It was a very cold morning, but we faced the challenge and walked through the neighbourhoods next to the main train station. It's not my first time in Prague, but when I came here, three years ago, I did the usual touristic stuff, so it's nice to get to know the different places that I would not otherwise get to see.

After lunch we met Scott, an American historian - our guide for the afternoon - passionate about  the Czech Republic and its History. We walked even more in the cold weather, this time through downtown and the area around the Castle. Again, it was nice to see new perspectives and, above all, to know more about the city's history.”

By Freddy


“In the morning Robert showed us the less touristic side of Prague. He was raised in one of those neighbourhoods, so it was a very interesting tour.

We had lunch with him in a restaurant where we had to wait for a long time.

In the afternoon, we had the city centre tour with Scott. He was a very good guide with many interesting stories about Prague and the Czech Republic. The detail I found the most fascinating was the echo stairs next to the President’s palace. If you speak in a certain place you hear your voice like you have a microphone and speakers.

The biggest part of the group left in the evening for their free days.

I had dinner with Rodrigo and America and then we went to an Irish pub with live music

At 1h30 I left the apartment to get my bus to Munich that departed from a weird place far from the city centre.”

By Miguel


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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