DAY 59 (21.03.2018) - Hello Budapest!!

Today was a very different day. We spent it mostly inside the bus, traveling. We took a bus from Prague to Budapest around one o'clock and we were supposed to arrive in Budapest at 7pm but unfortunately, we had a delay and we ended up arriving at 9:30pm. After all those hours inside the bus we were exhausted and hungry. Really hungry! When in Budapest we bought some takeaway while waiting for the NGO team to get us to our final destination. Vera and Ana, members of the Egyesek Youth Association, came to meet with us and take us to our accommodation. It took us almost one hour to get there, by car. As we were all really tired, we went straight to bed.

By Carla


After our free days, during which many of the group left Prague to visit other places, today we were all reunited again; and calm left us to be replaced by the cheerfulness and agitation of the 11 of us together.

After packing again, having breakfast and tidying up the apartment, we took off to the bus station, where we took the bus to Budapest after buying something for lunch. 

By América


Basically, today we spent the whole day inside the bus. The trip was planned to be eight hours from Prague to Budapest, but the bus was late by almost one hour and after we left, the police stopped the bus for passport control and there were a few problems with the other passengers, so it took another hour. In the end we arrived in Budapest at almost ten pm. We had some dinner and waited for the van to take us to the youth centre. Another hour trip; we got there and went straight to bed. My impression of the place couldn’t be better -  a nice, clean room, white sheets and covers, en-suite toilet, all clean, comfortable and warm. Probably the best accommodation so far. Very happy for now!! 😁

By Rodrigo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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