DAY 61 (23.03.2018) - Easter Eggs Hunting

Today, in the morning, we were planning and creating games for kids, as in the afternoon we were going to visit another school and entertain the children there whose ages range from 7 to 9 years old. 

Today, we had more time to plan the activities, and we were going to spend more time with the kids than on the previous day, so we had to be a bit more creative. After planning some games Artem came up with a great idea, to make a treasure hunt of Easter eggs. So, we all got stuck in and started cutting different sized eggs out of cardboard. Each egg represented a country, and we tried to make them proportionate to their size. We painted our flags on each of the eggs, and also painted them on separate sheets of paper to introduce ourselves to the students.

After the entire morning spent on planning and creating the games, we had a quick lunch and went directly to the school. This school was bigger than the one of the previous day, and there were a lot more students and therefore a lot more kids to play with, which is very good, because it gave us the chance to reach more kids, but at the same time a bit scary because it would be very easy to lose control of the situation. 

Many of the students we had the pleasure of working with are from the Romany community. None of the students spoke English, and they seem bound to always stay in this region and not know anything from abroad or about the diversity of the world. Egyesek tries to create a more open environment where they can learn about the world’s diversity while having fun, and so overcome any existing limitation. 

By America


Spending the day with children who really want to play is, for sure, an amazing day. We visited  another school today, but this time the children were younger than yesterday. They had a lot of energy, so it was perfect to play some games outside, where they could run around and shout.

Again, I have to say thanks to the NGO for having given us this opportunity to learn from the children.

By Florencia


I like the methodology of the girls of Egyesek. We wake up in the morning to plan the whole day, which means that we can discuss  our ideas and decide which are the things that we will do in the afternoon. We also discuss the activities of the previous days and improve on them and better ourselves.

Because of this good organisation, the afternoon was really good at a school in a village with serious integration problems. It’s strange that this village, forgotten by the government, is really close to the Unesco Heritage site of Holloko.

By Hugo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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