DAY 65 (27.03.2018) - Body expression workshop

Today we had a very special day. We got to do a workshop with Alfonso to slow down, be present and process everything we have experienced so far. I am grateful to see the changes in me, both positive and negative. I am grateful I got to spend a day working on myself. It was a grounding experience and good way to assimilate everything we have done. Sometimes we have so many things to do with every experience going by so fast that we don't realize how much we have done. We’ve been travelling for almost 3 months, have moved more than 15 times and volunteered with 8 different organizations. Sometimes we need a break to breathe and I am thankful we got to do that in this gorgeous place - Budapest.

By Arianny


I had big expectations regarding our experience with Alfonso because I felt a massive need to have some simple and relaxing activity. With Alfonso, who is by the way a very nice fellow, we did a lot of activities like those we’ve done with all the previous coaches. Most of the exercises were already familiar to me, nevertheless I found this experience as effective as well as reasonable. There was no pressure from his side to do any kind of activities that we didn’t like, which is why he was asking us about our preferences during the classes. Summarizing the day, I have to say that it was great to reconnect with my body and just let it relax a bit. 

By Artem


Our day was  basically spent with Afonso. He was teaching us how to use our body to communicate, relax and etc... This relaxation was not like a  meditation exercise where you need to try to think about nothing, Afonso told us that our relaxation would be based on the movements of our bodies. We spent the whole day expanding  our creativity and expressing ourselves. And now, Im going to meet my parents, because they are in Budapest. :)

By Hugo


We spent the day with Alfonso in his corporal expression dance class.

It was interesting and relaxing. After the first part I had a peaceful moment when I realised about the complicity we shared among all the members of the lucky 11;  how easy communication is, how nice it is to share every moment with all of them and laugh all together.

By Gemma


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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