DAY 66 (30.03.2018) - A new city for all!!!

Four amazing days in the “hottest “capital in Europe spent in a relaxed atmosphere and I’m full of the energy to continue the trip. Ideal, in terms of the time, our flight allowed us to sleep enough and get our luggage ready, so I was really excited about the next destination. Romania is the first country, none of us have been to before, even the experienced Hugo. After arriving, we met NGO representatives and had the long trip  to Krajova, which is about 3 hours away. Incidentally, we’ve finally come to a warm country, which has really cheered us up. We got to the hostel and had a wonderful dinner in the nearest steak house and then I went happy to bed. 

By Artem


Today we woke up to finish our packing and once again, check out and leave for the airport. The bus ride to the airport was a bit of an adventure since the bus was so full that we had to pile our luggage on top of each other so that we would all fit - at every bend it was like being on a roller coaster. The situation was so funny for us that even despite the not unsurprising discomfort, the journey seemed shorter than it really was. 

We had lunch at the airport and then boarded the plane. It was kind of a surrealistic situation, because the plane that would take us to Bucharest was tiny, the smallest plane most of us had travelled in. It caused anxiety for some, laughter for others, but it was all greatly improved by the great treatment we got by the flight attendants, who refilled our drinks a couple of times. 

When we got to Bucharest airport, a volunteer from the NGO was waiting for us with a transfer van that took us, in about four hours as there was a lot of traffic, to Craiova. 

In Craiova, Ricardo was waiting to show us our house and have dinner with us. 

By America


Travel day. I like it! Again change and a new possibility is coming, a new adventure, I couldn’t love this more!

The little plane that we took was a box of surprises, it was so small that even one of us sitting in the first row could talk with someone sitting in the last. Our flight attendant was also special, she managed to bring to Hugo and me anything we wanted without needing to be asked.  

At the airport, a volunteer from the NGO was waiting for us total us to Craiova, the  town

several hours from Bucharest where we are going to work.

In front of our hostel, Ricardo was waiting for us, he is the facilitator on our stay in Romania.

After dinner Miguel, Hugo and I went for a walk with him to see the city Centre. We were really happy to be living in a place that has every  facility.

By Gemma


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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