DAY 67 (31.03.2018) - Good Morning Craiova

After breakfast, Ricardo introduced us to Sonia and some volunteers of different organizations that work with Edu2Grow. Then they gave a small presentation to introduce us to the concept and mission of the NGO: informal education.

Throughout the day, we did some exercises to break the ice and to introduce ourselves to the NGO - both as a group and as individuals. Most of them are not new to us, but one caught my attention: to draw a river of our life, representing whatever we find important from  as far as we can remember up to the World Life Experience journey.

At the end of the afternoon Ricardo took us to the Nicolae Romanescu park, the most beautiful spot in the city so far.

By Freddy


It is almost summertime in Craiova, it was the first thing that I noticed when we left the house to familiarize ourselves with the surroundings. Afterwards, we had the introduction of the NGOs Edu2grow and Dominos as well as the presentation of the schedule for the next 5 days. Then, time was dedicated to playing games aimed at learning about each other more. The hosts kindly served us delicious food, so having the meals was a pure delight. In the afternoon, we went on a long tour through the local park, where surprisingly we came across the public zoo with a rich variety of animals. Also, we met an elderly couple from Bucharest and had a fascinating conversation with them for a few hours. All in all, the first day was joyful and bright, with the weather outside to match.

By Artem


A day of presentations and some group exercises with Ricardo and Silvia from the Edu2 grow NGO.

After lunch, we went with Ricardo to the Nicolae Romanescu Park, a beautiful place where we spent a few hours; the only downside of this Park was the zoo. I’m usually against zoos because obviously animals need to be free, but there are some zoo that are not too bad. Unfortunately, in this case it was terrible - they had wolves living in a very small  concrete enclosure, and it was the same for the lions, tigers and cheetahs. And too, the bears; one of the bears just sat in its concrete enclosure and stared at the public with the saddest face you can imagine, I'm sure she was begging for freedom for her and her baby. Couldn't we do something? 

By Gemma


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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