DAY 68 (01.04.2018) - Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. Today was my first Easter without going to the church and without celebrating it with my family. Nonetheless it was a good day spent with my lucky ten people and we ate a lot of chocolate that Angie and Flor bought for all of us. My sweet girls!

In the morning, we went to a gypsy open market and as you might imagine, they sell all kind of things there. Quite impressive I must say!

When we got back we had lunch and some time to rest. All of us went to take a nap and as Artem said we looked like kids in the kindergarten when they are put to bed for a nap at 1pm. 

At 3pm we had some activities with Ricardo and spoke about our experiences in WLE. It was great!

By Carla


We visited a gypsy market in the morning. It was not too different from markets I've been to before except for the living animals. They sold huge turkeys. They had some exotic birds I had never seen before inside a cage on the back of a scooter. There were dogs of expensive breeds. There were lots of chickens and I saw people actually buying them and taking them in their hands. And maybe the most surprising thing of all was that they were selling pigeons and they had a huge quantity of them.

In the afternoon, we played more games with Ricardo and in the evening,  we planned to watch a movie. We even voted what we would watch but in the end, we had no way of connecting the computer to the projector, so we had to give up and just chill in the living room.

By Miguel


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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