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These General Refund Conditions and Costs of Event Registration Fee Restitution (hereinafter referred to as ‘GRCCERFR’) describe the terms and conditions under which Top Experience Ltd. allows the Refund and restitution of costs of registration regarding the Event WLE 2nd Edition 2018.

The Refund and costs of Restitution of the registration in the Event- WLE 2nd Edition 2018 is a service provided by Top Experience Ltd., a company incorporated in Portugal with the tax identification number 514109360, headquartered at Avenida Conselheiro de Sousa, N 19C, 1070-072 Lisbon, Portugal.

The GRCCERFR, which describes the circumstances in which a participant may request a Refund, and details the costs for the restitution of the amount paid for registration in the Event WLE 2nd Edition 2018, have been in force since February 1st 2018. This GRCCERFR supersedes any previous version that the participant may have received or may hold.

By registering for the Event WLE 2nd Edition 2018, the participant shall read and agree with all terms and conditions set forth in the GRCCERFR, in the General Conditions Agreement and in Top Experience Ltd’s Privacy Policy, available for consultation at the site and throughout the registration process.

The GRCCERFR are provided to the participant and are executed in English. The participant agrees that his/her own registration in the Event represents the acceptance of the GRCCERFR and we recommend that the participant saves or prints one copy of the GRCCERFR (as well as all other policies) for his/her records.

Event registration is personal and non-transferable, thus any false, incorrect or inaccurate information is the participant’s sole responsibility.

The participant is responsible for confirming and validating, at all times, the information pertaining to event registration payment.

In the case of the event being canceled, or restitution of the value of the purchase is requested due to force majeure, Top Experience Ltd shall not reimburse any operational or restitution costs.

Top Experience Ltd. regards the protection of your privacy as a very important matter. Please refer to our Privacy Policy available at to better understand our commitment to the protection of your privacy, as well as the manner in which we use and disclose your personal information.

The participant accepts and agrees that Top Experience Ltd. shall mutually disclose his/her e-mail address, and any other information necessary for the general operation of the Event, to other subsidiaries, affiliates and partner companies, so as to enable the participants’ selection process without limitation.


Refund Policy


When may I apply for a Refund of the registration fee in the Event WLE II 2018?
In the case of the event being canceled and the refund of the purchase value is requested.

The participant has the right to request a refund within 14 days from the date of payment and confirmation of registration in the Event WLE II 2018.

Top Experience Ltd. shall not reimburse the operational exchange costs and transfer costs, or other costs that may arise due to the restitution of the registration fee.

What are the conditions necessary to request a Refund of the registration fee paid for the Event WLE II 2018?
The participant is entitled to cancel his/her registration in the Event within 14 days, for any motive and without providing any reason whatsoever for said request.
After this deadline, the reasons for requesting a Refund must be revealed and will be subject to internal analysis.

How may I request a refund?
Refund requests must be sent directly to Top Experience Ltd.via the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What information must I submit along with my request for a refund?
Without having to provide any justification, within 14 days upon the date of payment and confirmation of registration in the Event WLE II 2018.
After the 14-day deadline, it is mandatory to provide a justification for the reasons why the refund is being requested, so that the request  can be analysed internally. There is, however,  no assurance of reimbursement.

How will I know if my request for a refund has been accepted?
The participant shall be kept informed by e-mail regarding the processing of his/her request for a refund until the process is concluded.

Notice of approval or rejection of the request for a refund: within no more than 15 working days of the date the Refund request was received.

How do I receive the refund?
In the event your request for a refund is approved by Top Experience Ltd., you shall receive the refund of the amount paid through the payment method previously resorted to or in any other manner previously agreed between the parties.

How long does Refund processing take?

Refund Approved: Within 15 working days of notification of the refund request approval.

Who shall I contact if I have questions regarding the Refund service?
If you have any general questions regarding the Refund service – you should contact us via the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Restitution Costs


What are the Restitution costs for the refund of the registration fee?
Exchange costs, operation fees, transfer costs, administrative costs or other costs that may arise in the restitution of the registration fee.

Exchange Costs?
The currency exchange costs referring to any transaction with currencies other than EURO shall be borne by the consumer.
Operation Fees?
The fees charged by brokerage entities for the payment of the registration fee.
Transfer Costs?
Commissions charged for the performance of Bank transfers.
Administrative Costs?
Procedural costs referring to the analysis and processing of refunds, after the 14 days from the date of payment and confirmation of the registration in the Event WLE II 2018.

Administrative Costs Table:


Administrative Costs

 Internal process analysis within 14 dias


 Internal process analysis after 14 dias


 Refund processing within 14 days


 Refund processing after 14 days



Additional provisions regarding the operation of the Refund and restitution costs service: By resorting to the Refund and restitution costs service – Top Experience Ltd., the participant agrees that: All refund processes must be complete, honest and accurate. You are acquainted with the GRCCERFR and have accepted its content unconditionally.

The participant shall inform us in the event he/she believes there has been, or will be an error, a non-authorised transaction, misappropriation or non-authorised use of the Service. Any request for a refund which, for any reason, does not comply with the conditions and procedures set forth in the GRCCERFR shall be automatically rejected and the participant shall not be entitled to receive a refund.
Likewise, any request for a refund originating with or based on erroneous information/documents shall be rejected and we may exclude the participant from the Event WLE II 2018, and we may also withdraw and cancel all benefits related to the Event. We shall notify the participant by e-mail in the event we suspend or revoke the suspension of his/her eligibility for the Event WLE II 2018.

Top Experience Ltd., shall communicate with the participant via e-mail. Hence, the participant should check his/her inbox from time to time in order to verify the existence of e-mail messages sent by Top Experience Ltd.  

Top Experience Ltd. shall make every effort to ensure that the Refund service is accessible at all times and is of the highest quality.
We may, at any time, correct, delete or add provisions to the GRCCERFR (an "Amendment") by publishing an updated version of the GRCCERFR on the World Life Experience online page(s). An Amendment shall be unilaterally implemented by us and deemed accepted by the participant, provided he/she does not object to it within 30 days. The notice period of 30 days shall not be applicable where an Amendment is mandatory by law, or in the case of any other amendment that, in our reasonable opinion, does not reduce your rights or increase your duties. In such cases, the Amendment may be implemented without prior notice and shall take effect immediately. This text was drafted by Top Experience Ltd. for informative purposes only. In the case of inconsistencies between the English and Portuguese texts, the Portuguese text shall prevail. The Refund and restitution costs service – Top Experience Ltd. and the GRCCERFR are governed by the laws of Portugal. Any dispute related to the implementation of the Refund and restitution costs service – Top Experience Ltd. shall be resolved within the jurisdiction, in a civil court of the district of Lisbon. Portuguese legislation shall be applicable in all cases.



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