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travel, discover and share with the world

World Life Experience will take 12 people around the world for one year to travel, discover and interact with local organizations. All expenses are covered and participants will receive a salary for their work.

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The Experience starts September 15th, 2017

Registration phase open until June 30th

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What is World Life Experience?

1 Year, 12 People, 40 Destinations

World Life Experience takes a group of 12 people from various parts of the globe on a journey to travel across 40 countries, discovering different ways of life, collaborating with local social action organizations, and sharing insights on what they experience.

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  • Portugal - Lisbon
  • Spain - Madrid
  • France - Paris
  • Italy - Rome
  • Croatia - Zagreb
  • Greece - Athens
  • Austria - Viena
  • Czech Republic - Prague
  • Germany - Berlin
  • Netherlands - Amsterdam
  • England - London
  • Ireland - Dublin
  • Denmark - Copenhagen


  • United Arab Emirates - Dubai
  • Nepal - Katmandu
  • India - New Delhi
  • China - Hong Kong
  • Japan - Tokyo
  • Philippines - Manila
  • Thailand - Bangkok
  • Cambodia - Phnom Penh
  • Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur


  • Australia - Sydney
  • Australia - Melbourne
  • New Zealand - Wellington


  • Madagascar - Antananarivo
  • Mozambique - Maputo
  • South Africa - Cape Town


  • Argentina - Buenos Aires
  • Chile - Santiago
  • Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil - Fernando Noronha
  • Bolivia - La Paz
  • Peru - Lima
  • Colombia - Bogota
  • Costa Rica - San José
  • Mexico - Guadalahara
  • USA - San Francisco
  • USA - New York
  • USA - Honolulu

All Expenses paid

All expenses are covered - travel, lodging, food, local experiences, insurance and basic healthcare.
All activities and experiences are planned and completed as a group.

A unique immersive Experience

One year of cultural, entertainment, and social action activities. Participants will work as a group and share their personal insights.

2.500€/month salary

Participants are paid for their Activities and to Share their Experience.
Activities are focused on culture, leisure and social responsibility.
Group participants are required to share their insights about what they've experienced, in writing, through photographs, and video, through World Life Experience’s communication channels (web and social networks).

Project Goals

  1. To promote social responsibility, with direct donations to global NGOs and through hands-on involvement with local organizations;
  2. To offer participants a once-in-a-lifetime experience;
  3. To raise awareness for the world's social and cultural diversity.

24/7 Support

A multidisciplinary team will provide ongoing remote support to the group. At each destination the group will be accompanied by a local guide. All participants will have life insurance and personal injury insurance.

Superior Lodging and Food

In all travel time, meals and transfers will be framed in superior range with all comfort and quality guaranteed.

Four 2-week Breaks

Participants have 4 two-week breaks to return home to rest. At the end of each period the group meets in the next destination.

You had me at "Travel for free"!

How can I join World Life Experience?



Who Can Register?

Anyone between 20 and 35 years old Intermediate in English.
You can register using our REGISTER form below until June 30th.



What is the Application?

After registration, candidates who fulfil our basic requirements will be invited to complete their Application.
The Application requires a 9€ payment (taxes included), which includes:
- A donation of € 2.50 for NGOs that are linked to this project and work in one of the following areas: Combating hunger; Human rights; Children's rights; Animal rights; Refugee relief; Health care. This donation will go directly to NGOs that join in the chosen area;
- A 4,82€ application fee;
The Application requires a written test for profile validation.



What kind of people will be selected?

World Life Experience will build a team of 6 men and 6 women with specific profiles. We are seeking a diverse group that will work as a team in all planned activities.


30-35 years old


25-35 years old


28-35 years old


24-32 years old


20-35 years old


20-25 years old

What is your selection process?

Throughout July 2017, the Selection Team will evaluate the applicants' questionnaires to determine their values, communication skills and psychological profile. This process is developed exclusively by an independent entity, CEGOC, specialized in analysis, selection and recruitment.



The World Life Experience

The twelve participants will start their journey in Lisbon, Portugal on September 15 2017.

Register for

World Life Experience

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity

Registration ends on June 30th. After that, only registered users can access the Application phase.

All data received shall be used exclusively for application and selection purposes.

If you’re a NGO, join us!

If you’re a NGO, join us!

NGO’s interest to join this project has been growing significantly, and World Life Experience intends to expand its contribution by creating an opportunity for all of those who wish to join the project. For this reason, we challenged local and international NGOs to apply for one of the 9 areas we have chosen to receive the donations from the project.

The interested should just send an email to ngo@worldlifeexperience.com. 2,50€ from each application fee will be periodically given to those NGO’s according to the area selected by the candidates.

Current amount collected for donation:


I still have some questions...

Frequently asked questions

  • What is World Life Experience?
    World Life Experience aims to raise awareness for the world's social and cultural diversity, bringing people from various parts of the globe to journey across 40 countries, discovering different ways of life, reporting on current issues and helping with social causes.
  • Where will participants go, and what will they do?
    You can check all 40 destinations in Locations.
    Activities are focused on culture, leisure and social responsibility.
    Group participants will engage in different activities, and will be required to share their insights about what they've experienced, either in writing, through photographs or video.
  • When will World Life Experience start?
    World Life Experience will start in September 2017.
  • How long does World Life Experience take?
    The event takes one year, with four 15-day breaks, during which the participants can return home.
  • How can I apply to World Life Experience?
    To pre-apply for World Life Experience, fill out the form on JOIN. After registration you will receive an email confirming your Pre-Application.
  • What are the requirements to apply for World Life Experience?
    You must be between 20 and 35 years old, be fluent in English, and your physical and psychological profile should be adapted to World Life Experience’s activities and destinations.
    Check out the full requirements and conditions in our Terms and Conditions.
  • Do I have to pay to apply for World Life Experience?
    World Life Experience’s application process is divided into two phases. The first phase (Pre-Application) has absolutely no costs, simply fill out the JOIN form and you’re done.
    After a first selection, some of the pre-applicants will be asked to complete their Application. This second phase (Application) has an associated value, which will be used for the event’s general expenses and directly towards social responsibility. The associated value is 9€, 30% of which is donated directly to one of the NGOs associated with World Life Experience. Candidates can choose which NGO receives this donation.
  • What is the methodology used in the Selection process?
    In the Pre-Application phase, candidates are selected through validation of basic requirements, like age and school level. The Application phase will ask a series of questions to determine the applicants’ values, communication skills and psychological profile. This questionnaire will provide us with enough data to select 30 pre-finalists. From then on, the final 12 will be selected through one-on-one interviews.
  • How long do I have to wait after Pre-Application?
    You'll receive an email with the outcome of your Pre-Application in 20 days. If you are one of selected in the Pre-Application phase, you'll be asked to complete the Application phase, through the website and appropriate form.
    After the Final Selection phase, you'll be contacted with an indication of the results.
  • Will I receive a notification even if not selected?
    Yes, the organization will contact all candidates.
  • Will I have to pay for anything else in case I'm selected?
    Except for the Application fee, there are absolutely no costs for participants. The whole event is supported by the organization, including lodging, travel and activities.
  • Is there a salary or prize for participants?
    Yes. All participants are paid 2.500€/month during the event's duration.
  • What are my tasks or activities during the event?
    You are required to be actively involved in all planned activities in culture, leisure and social responsibility, according to the rules of participation.
    Additionally, you'll be required to share your personal and group experiences with the world through World Life Experience's communication channels (web and social networks).
  • Is there a break at some point?
    Yes. World Life Experience will pause four times, for 15 days each. These breaks will serve for the group to return to their home country and spend time with their families and friends.
    All travel expenses regarding these breaks are supported by the organization.
  • How is World Life Experience related with social responsibility and NGOs?
    One of World Life Experience's goals is to help social action organizations, both global and local.
    The World Life Experience donates 30% of its Application phase revenues to associated NGOs, and helps local organizations through specific activities carried out by participants.
  • Who pays for World Life Experience?
    World Life Experience is funded through selected partners and through candidates' Application fees. 30% of of the Application fee is donated to a global non governmental organization chosen by the candidate from a pre-selected list.
  • How can I contact World Life Experience directly?
    You can reach us by email via info@worldlifeexperience.com or through our Facebook page.

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