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It all began 500 years ago. Yes, you read that right. 500 years ago, we set sail in search of new worlds, and that spirit of discovery is still part of us. Today, albeit in a completely different way, we are going to take 12 wonderful people from opposite parts of the globe on an adventure through 30 countries, for a whole year. This is a unique experience. One in which each individual, though working as part of a team, will bring their own unique insight to this yet to be written story.

The lucky 12 will share with a worldwide audience their experiences in social and environmental work, and their interaction with local organizations.

You, on the other side of the screen, will get to watch as they explore incomparable cultural landmarks and wander off the beaten track.

If 500 years ago we discovered the world, our aim now is to preserve it as best we can, by raising awareness of the world's social and cultural diversity, by contributing to global NGOs and with hands-on-involvement with local organizations. Get ready for this engrossing and once-in-a-lifetime experience.



“We scoured the globe, and after more than 40.000 applications, from all over the world, these are the lucky 12 who have been chosen
to embark on the journey of their lives. 12 adventurous, fun, experienced and responsible personalities who will
share their side of the story as they embody the values of the World life Experience."


“World Life Experience has raised approximately € 110,000 in donations for NGOs around the world. After a worldwide campaign
about global help, we can contribute to new development and aid projects for those in need.”


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