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World Life Experience is an international project that joins 12 participants, regardless of their nationality and culture, in a unique professional experience: one-year around the world trip, interacting with humanitarian causes and sharing all the experiences.

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The Experience starts in October 15th, 2017

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World Life Experience team cleans the beach

By Susana Lage
Photographs by zemariara

With gloves and plastic bags in our hands willingly packed, the World Life Experience team left the office in the middle of the day on a mission to pick up litter from a beach. Nothing too complicated, that would deserve an award or even recognition from the public, but a small gesture for a greater cause: to bring people’s attention to the fact that sometimes trivial actions make all the difference and many other times it just takes a person's example to inspire us to take initiative to have a positive attitude.

In a small beach in Lisbon, Cruz Quebrada, it was incredible the quantity of litter that we found lying in the sand. After an hour and a half, we filled three and a half big plastic bags with empty cigarette butts and packs, pieces of wood, all kinds of plastics, cardboard boxes, glass bottles, papers, etc.

Cruz Quebrada it is the closest sea beach of the Portuguese capital and it was the first summer resort of Lisbon in the early nineteenth century. Pollution, stigma with the surroundings because of the deactivated factories and rubbish have banned it over the last few decades, but now it is mostly a problem with the litter. A situation quite easy to solve if people were more conscious about throwing their garbage into to the sand or water.

Although the reality that we found in the beach sadden us, our little action was something that made us feel good because we were able to meet one of our main convictions in this project: to bring the world's attention to social causes.



Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Cancer supports thousands of families

By Susana Lage
Photographs by ACREDITAR

We are very proud to announce our latest partnership between World Life Experience and ACREDITAR. The Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Cancer exists for 23 years and it’s main mission is to improve the quality of life in pediatric oncology.

According to Filipa Carvalho, the World Life Experience project “provides to participants a unique life experience, combining giving aid to social economy organizations that are often struggling with funding problems”. In addition, “it allows a very interesting dissemination of the partner organizations which is always a huge added value for those who do not have a big budget nor the means to make this disclosure”, adds the Communication Coordinator of ACREDITAR.

ACREDITAR assists in Portugal the families of children and young people with cancer from the moment of diagnosis and in the variety of needs that arise. The support provided goes through the emotional, material, economic, school, food, leisure and logistics areas.

“We know that, regardless of the socio-cultural or financial context, this disease affects family dynamics, changes routines and often calls into question life projects. This is why we are present throughout the various moments of the disease, always acting in a logic of promoting autonomy and training for the numerous challenges that the disease brings”, explains Filipa Carvalho.

The Association has three ACREDITAR HOUSES (in Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto) that receive a total of 48 families that live far from the hospital. This action counts on the collaboration of around 600 volunteers who in the most varied functions, ease the difficulty of dealing with the disease. According to the Communication Coordinator of ACREDITAR, “the young survivors support, as volunteers, those who now live the disease, fight for their rights, inform and alert civil society on child cancer so that, as a society, we are better prepared to support families not only during treatment but also at a later stage of (re) creation of life projects”.

Last year, ACREDITAR supported up to 1,217 families with actions, for example, specialized emotional accompaniment; satisfaction of their basic needs such as food in situations of unemployment or financial fragility; school attendance by volunteers; provision of accommodation in the hospital during treatments and participation in a holiday field that promotes the emotional and social development of young people. “We want to provide a strong family environment, where children and young people keep their interests growing in learning, discovering, having fun and dreaming”, says Filipa Carvalho.


“It´s very hard sometimes not to have for everyone”

C.A.S.A. distributes 400 meals a day to disadvantaged people

By Susana Lage
Photographs by Jorge Serra

Lunch and dinneer every day of the week. Dinneers at weekends. About 400 meals a day. Five routes with several stops. Five teams. Summarizing a work that is impossible to summarize in its own extension, this is one of the scenarios experienced by the volunteers of the Homelessness Support Center (C.A.S.A.).

“Dealing with misery is the most complicated thing” reveals Marta Canário, who became involved with C.A.S.A. three years ago. According to the volunteer, the fundamental rule for anyone who wants to volunteer is “to be seriously available and not thinking that they are going to feed the poor ones”. There´s a lot of previous work in the kitchen, for example, washing pots, cleaning the floor and packing the food, which is also part of volunteering. “It’s toughness there”, Marta assures.

The World Life Experience team contacted C.A.S.A. to offer help. As we could not go to the kitchen because there were too many people and we still wanted to have this first experience as a group, we took the opportunity to go to Oriente (Lisbon area) with one of the volunteer teams from C.A.S.A. to distribute meals.

Not knowing what to expect, we arrived around 9:00 p.m. to start organizing the way meals would be served and already there were a lot of people waiting. At 9:30 p.m. we began serving in a 'production line' style organized by Marta Canário: meal, bread, cake, fruit, juice or water. The speed and relative calmness in the way it happened was so unexpected that we did not even notice that 40 minutes later we had served meals for about 70 people. Luckily there was food for everyone. “It´s very hard sometimes not having for everyone”, says Marta Canário. She also explained: “There are some people here who own houses, others are homeless, some sleep-in factories, there are others that we see three times and we never see again”, she adds.

When we completed our ‘mission’, we felt light and proud, although we are aware that what we have done has almost no expression for those who are volunteers for years. Yet again, this is a 'starting point' for us.

There are several ways to help C.A.S.A. and this night we learned this from seeing a couple with their 10-year-old daughter who joined us with two large suitcases full of clothes and shoes to give to those people. This is just an example, but a good one.

According to C.A.S.A.´s website, there is a need for more volunteers, especially for those who can perform specialized work (administrative, designers, web developers, nurses, doctors, among others). Donations are also essential for the work that the Association develops. To cooking meals, there are two collections a year to the Food Bank and daily there are some supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants that donate food (in addition to occasional and spontaneous donations of people).

About C.A.S.A .:
C.A.S.A., a Portuguese non-profit institution, was initiated by Pema Wangyal in 2002. It provides support, food and shelter for the homeless, children, adolescents and elderly socially disadvantaged, victims of violence or ill-treatment, regardless of their nationality religious creed, politics or ethnicity.




By Susana Lage

Who is going to be selected for the World Life Experience? By whom? How? These are some of the questions we have been asked frequently. Although all of the doubts can´t be reveal yet to avoid compromising all the process, CEGOC clarifies some points.

“The method of selecting the candidates for the World Life Experience project takes place through eliminatory stages”, says Sérgio Costa. According to the Strategic Key Account & Project Coordinator of CEGOC, “the initial stages are developed online, through the execution of two application surveys and through a psychological personality test, which will be followed for successful candidates by an individual interview conducted at distance, via Skype”. After this, the last stage of the process, applicable to a restricted group of candidates, will consist on “a face-to-face assessment, through the application of situational tests and individual interview”, adds the client partner of CEGOC.

“The selection process will be conducted by senior consultants, who have an academic background in psychology, as well as a consolidated professional experience in psychological assessment and skills. The impartiality of the process is also ensured by the use of internationally recognized assessment methodology with proven scientific validity”, guarantees Sérgio Costa.

CEGOC, Center for Studies in Management and Scientific Organization - Associated Specialists, created in December 1962, is part of the largest training and development group in Europe (CEGOS Group) and is dedicated to the provision of services in the areas of training, consulting, recruitment and selection, and assessment of potential. Leading the selection process of the World Life Experience group is the Portuguese branch of this international and independent company specialized in selection and recruitment.

The CEGOS Group celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2016 and they are present in more than 50 countries. It began its international expansion after 1950, and currently they have operations in 11 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. They are also active in 50 countries through a network of partners and distributors, leaders in the implementation of training solutions and technology experts.

Since 1981, CEGOC has been in close contact with the Portuguese speaking countries (PALOPS), namely Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe and Mozambique. Developing competencies, embracing new horizons and leading change are for us fundamental reasons for wanting to go «Beyond Knowledge».



World Life Experience´s partner will provide meals in 40 destinations

By Susana Lage

Instagram can give rise to great ideas. This is the case of Dinneer.com that was originated after Flávio Estevam, CEO of the company, observed a friend´s behavior on Instagram. His friend published a photo of a dinneer he himself made. This sharing resulted in a lot of friends starting to ask to be invited because they would like to try his homemade food.

Thus, since July 2015, Dinneer has started to explore a website that allows users, in several countries of the world, to enjoy meals in host’s houses prepared by them, therefore providing not only a gastronomic experience but also a social and multicultural experience, through the interaction with different people.

The goal is to “bring people closer together and search for gastronomic experiences around the world”, explains Flávio Estevam. According to CEO of Dinneer, “the public is very curious about this because it is a model of shared economy, but also for many people, as they’re away from home, they feel an inexplicable relief to find their country’s food and that sense of nostalgia is invaluable”.

“DINNEER´s managers saw in World Life Experience an interesting project that was perfectly aligned with their activity of global experiences. From then on, the understanding and the perception that we could work together was quick!”, say António Dias and Pedro Tinoco. The founders of World Life Experience believe that this partnership will allow participants to have “a more enriching experience, knowledge and interaction with native or local people”.

Flávio Estevam explains that Dinneer has decided to join World Life Experience because both proposals are global and want to make a difference in people´s lives around the world. “For the first time in history two brands have teamed up to take a global action with 12 people to conduct various experiences with venues. The gastronomic experiences at a host´s house bring a much richer cultural immersion than going to a restaurant”, states Flávio Estevam.

According to António Dias and Pedro Tinoco, the World Life Experience seeks in its partnerships a strong link between the partner´s activities and the necessities of the project. “DINNEER made it possible to associate meals in all destinations for the group of participants. It is a partner that will help us to present this experience in the best way in a very interesting concept”, they explain.



The factory Pastéis de Belém will give a taste of it

By Susana Lage
Photographs by Pastéis de Belém

Do you know what a pastel de nata is? Have you ever tasted one? Here comes the good news: each one of the 12 participants will get a box of six of these egg tarts. The offer is from Pastéis de Belém, the famous factory in Lisbon that sells about 20 thousand of these delicacies per day.

The shop has clients of all kinds and nationalities, representing the foreign client 45 to 50% of them. Every now and then a public figure shows up. Amália Rodrigues, the most influential person in popularizing fado (traditional Portuguese music) worldwide, was an assiduous customer. There are clients that don’t feel satisfied with just eating one. “We had a customer who ate 30 in a row!” says Miguel Clarinha, the manager of the family who runs the company.

From a monastery back in 1837 until now, the original recipe of the tarts is still a secret. “Just six people know the recipe, three managers and three masters who make the pastry dough and the cream”, assures Miguel Clarinha. According to the responsible, “it’s a great source of pride the fact that the original recipe and the artisan production process have been maintained and thus keep alive the identity and history of this pastry”.

In fact, being in the same family since the beginning of the twentieth century, picking up already four generations, the company Pastéis de Belém conserved a strong relationship between workers. “We are 180 people but there are many who have been working here for 30, 40 years, who got married here, whose children came here to work as well”, explains Miguel Clarinha.

The boring part of the job is “having to sample the new ingredients that come in to see if everything is all right”, adds Miguel Clarinha between laughs. On the other hand, we know that the tarts are delicious!



Go Think Initiative raises awareness to civil responsibilities

By Susana Lage
Photographs by Go Think Initiative

The world is more globalized than ever but that doesn’t mean that everyone is conscious of the current political atmosphere in Europe. People are massively misinformed because they do not have an overall impartial source of news, so they blindly accepted any angle presented.

The realization of this scenario was what led Odessa Primus to create Go Think Initiative, after she returned home from many trips to Lebanon and Greece aiding refugees escaping the Syrian Civil War, but also other conflict-ridden area. “Considering a radical change in the way mass media is presented, alternative sources are becoming more powerful, and many are lacking in accountability; stemming people’s alienation from politics due to misinformation, misguidance by institutions and political entities and an increasingly untrustworthy media and political body”, states the NGO Founder & Director.

Odessa Primus believes that “an understanding of foreign affairs and cultures is essential for a peaceful and open-minded correlation of people and mobility”. That´s why Go Think Initiative’s focus is to “create new approaches in a world that is changing at a rapid pace, where media news is going through a radical change, and the educational system struggles to keep pace with the speed of how technology influences the way we communicate and understand”.

“We want our citizens to question what they hear and to form their own opinions based on researched information with an open mind, we want them to be able to do this for their entire lives”, states Odessa Primus.

So far the Go Think Initiative’s impact has been remarkable since it was initiated only this spring of 2017. Based in Prague, the NGO has already gained partnerships throughout Europe, new projects by other NGOs in the Czech Republic and the support of powerful individuals in academia, the media and political analytics. The director, Odessa Primus has an impressive history of projects including the IAPSS World Congress in London, which she headed, her involvement in the coordination of the Vaclav Havel European Dialogues, and her extensive trips to refugee hotspots in Greece and Lebanon. On her volunteering trips she crossed paths with over 50,000 refugees, raised over $10,000 and gained several thousand followers on social media. She has spoken on a high level panel by the European Commission on the topic of migration and mobility.

Joining World Life Experience “was a great idea” according to Odessa Primus. “The important point of this project is to experience different cultures and traditions by travelling, we can’t live in a world where we do not know most of it. I hope many people take part over the next few years and share their experiences to as many people as possible. We need to know more, in order to be a part of the global world”, adds.

The ONG project goals are to captivate and enroll young students in local schools to become interested in media and politics and to be engaged and active in the civil sector; demonstrating that people are empowered, have rights and responsibilities to be involved, guide students in becoming active members of their society; produce participants that question the media, find various news sources, and consider the source of those news to assess its credibility.



Personal development and education help to create a better future

By Susana Lage
Photographs by UYSTO

Extreme poverty, gender inequality, HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, are some of the serious problems in Africa. This is what led to the foundation of Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization (UYSTO).

“There has been a lot of poverty in the communities we live and in the region in general. Many people have been dying due to the lack of money to cater for their human needs, like not being able to meet medical bills, to buy food, to educate their children”, explains Bob Maahe, Director of UYSTO. In addition to this, “there has been a lot of death cases due to the failing to access drugs, counselling, and referral network organizations for those suffering from HIV/AIDS”, highlights the responsible.

UYSTO, founded 10 years ago, is committed to developing youth through sustainable skills training. “Since we started, young people are participating in our FK Norway exchange programs and also developing their communities and their families at large. Some diseases have reduced by 10% and school attendance increased by 20% in our partner schools”, says Bob Maahe. Still on the same issue of school enrollment, “the number of girls have increased by 40% due to our sanitary pads projects that we extend to these girls within their schools”, adds.

Besides this, UYSTO's impact on the communities includes “new production and construction workshops” for those that graduated from their technical training courses. “This increased the communities buying powers of commodities and duplicated the same skills at individual levels”, exemplifies Bob Maahe. Also, “new organizations and business have been developed” helping to “reduce levels of unemployment”, says the responsible.

UYSTO decided to be a World Life Experience partner because of the core of their work is to build partnerships to increase international awareness. “We believe in networking and achieving better communities for humanity to live and enjoy the world, and this goes hand in hand with creating opportunities. What you are offering to these 12 travelers, in terms of exploration on how humanity lives, inspires us and automatically brings us on partnership request table”, reveals Bob Maahe.



Other goods such as food are needed in Castanheira de Pera

By Susana Lage
Photographs by World Life Experience team

There is a lot to do, clean and build up. More importantly, a lot of positive energy needs to be reestablished where people who have lost family, friends, animals, homes and gardens need a lot of strength and help to restart a new life.

The fire on the 17th of June in Castanheira de Pera, near Pedrógão Grande, killed 64 people, wounded more than 250, destroyed 491 houses and burned down 43,201 hectares of forest. The locals are still living in desperation due to the situation, not by seeing flames consuming everything but because there is now a lot of work to do and few "arms" for it. An example of this is the sports pavilion with 250 tons of clothing to triage and distribute.

It was 7:00 AM yesterday morning when we left from Lisbon to Castanheira de Pera to meet with the humanitarian organization Médicos do Mundo and “got our hands dirty” for whatever was needed.

For more than a month, Médicos do Mundo have been in Castanheira de Pera receiving, sorting and distributing donated products: clothing, water, medicines, food, feed, toys, among others. Fortunately there have been many donations, but as far as clothing is concerned, this has already surpassed the local needs and will be distributed to other affected areas or where economic, social and health needs have been detected before the fire.

We were very well received at the place where we found several teams of volunteers, such as young scouts for example, or the residents of the county who survived the tragic June 17 and lost, if not everything, almost everything. All together, packed with a spirit of contagious empathy, we spent the day sorting and packing clothes according to the criteria we were given: pieces in very good condition, separate by category, gender and size.

Once again, our action does not reach the achievements of those who devote themselves courageously and every day to help the population of Castanheira de Pera. And so we clearly know that our objective and main contribution in this situation is to draw attention to this cause and to raise awareness of more volunteers to help.

For those who want to donate goods, it is important to know which are the needs of the local population, teams on the ground now need food, cleaning supplies, toiletries and cooking utensils. These goods can be sent to the Fire Station of Castanheira de Pera.

For those of you who prefer to contribute to the World Medical Association through financial donations, you can also do it through the information on their official website: http://www.medicosdomundo.pt/pt/go/como-contribuir



ADDHU and World Life Experience promote social responsibility

By Susana Lage
Photographs by ADDHU

“World Life Experience is a coherent and sustainable project that can, on one hand, contribute to the growth and visibility of Civil Society Organizations, on the other hand, it provides people with experiences that promote social responsibility”, says Francisca Couto dos Santos, Project Coordinator of the Association for the Defense of Human Rights (ADDHU).

Two of the biggest difficulties the ADDHU struggles with daily are the lack of financial and human resources. But that doesn’t stop the non-governmental organization from developing “to be a voice in the fight for a better world”, as Laura Vasconcellos, the founder, describes being one of the purposes that led to the formation of the association.

Since 2006, ADDHU has had a very positive impact regarding direct support to children and youth. In Portugal, with its ‘Citizens of the World’ project, the organization developed a partnership with schools that led many young people to discuss issues and to elaborate possible solutions that deal with Global Citizenship, Human Rights and their violations, duties, social justice and respect for diversity.

In Kenya, ADDHU founded the ‘Shelter for Orphans and Vulnerable Children’, called ‘Wanalea Children's Home’, to rescue children from the poorest neighborhoods in Nairobi. This center is now home to 33 children, aged between 4 and 18 years. “The impact has been very positive and sustainable thanks to the Sponsors, Companies and Societies, we have been able to respond to the main needs of the Resident Children of the Wanalea Center”, explain Laura Vasconcellos and Francisca Couto dos Santos. “Without their constant support we would have hardly achieved the goal that is so well reflected in the good development of these children “, they add.

ADDHU also supports around 85 children in the Mayen, district of Kitui Ndogo, Nairobi, through the School Feeding Program, which has been responsible for the School and also for the unique daily meals (breakfast and lunch) of the children as well as the salary of two teachers. “The fact that they receive food at school is one of the main reasons for the rise in number of participation in classes”, reveals Laura Vasconcellos.

The fact that World Life Experience intends to support the work of NGO’s, in their various fields of action and with direct donations, makes it a differentiating project, allowing people and organizations to be involved in it. “We identify ourselves a lot with the vision and purpose of World Life Experience and we sympathized very much with the collaborators (Margarida and Susana) with whom we had the pleasure to meet and who presented us the project”, affirms Francisca Couto dos Santos.

According to ADDHU’s Project Coordinator, traveling in groups and developing volunteer work with local organizations makes World Life Experience a great tool for minimizing existing asymmetries in favor of integrated human development. “We are convinced that the World Life Experience has emerged as an awareness tool for the importance of helping the others, building better people and betting on fairer social structures, so that a better world can be reached and where human values ​​and human rights are more valued and respected”, explains Francisca Couto dos Santos. “Supporting associations in a wide range of areas so that they continue to fight for the welfare of people and animals, makes us believe that together we can make the difference that we want to see in the world”, she highlights.

World Life Experience does not geographically cover ADDHU’s main area of ​​intervention in Kenya. However, ADDHU suggested the possibility of “creating a way for this country to be included in the initiatives of the project in the next edition”. Note taken!



KYA helps Cambodians to be key agents of change

By Susana Lage
Photographs by KYA

In Cambodia, after the civil war, young people started showing a lot of potential by moving the country forward. This is what led to the foundation of Khmer Youth Association (KYA), an organization that has been working since 1992 to promote and encourage young Cambodians participation in democratic and development processes in order to fight corruption and maintain sustainable peace.

“We are committed to working with and for youth for positive social change by empowering young people to utilize principles and roles in democratic society – be active citizen”, says Tan Kim Heng, President of KYA.

For the past decades, KYA empowered young people at the level of decision-making at both national and sub-national through the projects of advocacy, accountable governance, etc. Also promoted health issue through the project of sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and WASH issue (water, sanitation and hygiene project, etc. And finally stimulated leadership among young women to be young leader at the grassroot through the project of women empowerment, young women role model, etc.

As Tan Kim Heng explains, “currently KYA has eight sub-offices along Cambodia working on the issues of climate change, SRHR, WASH, education, vocational skill, migration, alcohol and drug prevention, by which there are at least 200,473 young people along Cambodia getting benefits from the project”.

ADDHU also supports around 85 children in the Mayen, district of Kitui Ndogo, Nairobi, through the School Feeding Program, which has been responsible for the School and also for the unique daily meals (breakfast and lunch) of the children as well as the salary of two teachers. “The fact that they receive food at school is one of the main reasons for the rise in number of participation in classes”, reveals Laura Vasconcellos.


Accordingly to KYA´s President, the partnership with World Life Experience make sense because both organizations share the same purpose of raising social awareness for social causes. “In particular, our young people at local community can learn something more in terms of knowledge, skill, experience, and culture from the 12 participants in the program. Also, KYA would like to engage expatriate participation to explore what our community youth network has been doing to get more ideas which youths can enhance perspective for their work”, enlightens Tan Kim Heng.

The project is tremendously a bridge for participant to explore reality in the world both of developed and in developing countries. More or less, they can be a part of development contribution to where they visit in particular civil society in various thematic areas which inspire them to be massagers for worldwide prosperity”, she adds.



Doctors of the World promote global health care for vulnerable populations

By Susana Lage
Photograph by Emanuele Siracusa

Promoting free access to global health care, regardless of nationality, religion, ideology, ethnicity, race, gender or economic condition, is the main cause that drives Doctors of the World Portugal. An organization that World Life Experience is proud to present as their partner.

“We privilege entrepreneurial projects, in favor of a better World and, in this sense, that intend to make a difference. Finding some of World Life Experience pillars in line with the lines of action of our Association, it made sense to us” this partnership, says Paulo dos Santos e Silva, Head of the Department of Development and Management of People of Doctors of the World Portugal.

According to Carla Paiva, Executive Director of Doctors of the World Portugal, the proximity to the populations tends to be one of the main characteristics in relation to the main points of action of the Association. “The actions we develop - can be in the area of ​​national and international cooperation – which covers areas such as the Humanitarian Emergency, Education for Global Citizenship and Development Support. Any one of them is always marked by interaction with the locals”, she explains.

The responsibles of Doctors of the World Portugal believe that there is a need for a greater civil society awareness of the importance and the role of civil society organizations (CSOs) at the national and international levels. "There is, so to speak, a lack of recognition of the effectiveness of this work and, consequently, a lesser involvement of civil society," says Carla Paiva. "Along with this need, there is another one that originated in the States, the same lack of recognition referred to above, when in reality, CSOs collaborate with the states to achieve the results outlined by them", Complements.


A true volunteer is “someone with a genuine passion for selfless service to others”, says Paulo dos Santos e Silva. But according to the Head of the Department of Development and People Management of Doctors of the World Portugal, only passion isn’t enough. “It is necessary to be responsible and assume the activity of volunteering in a disinterested way, with commitment and ethics. A volunteer must demonstrate willingness to give himself to the other through a promoter organization, having in mind that his free time and skills are central to the achievement of objectives, including overcoming them. He must not be indifferent to the violation of human rights, he must not accept the misery and pain of others as an irremediable consequence of the course of the world, thus recognizing the dignity of those who suffer and their right to social attention”.


Tell me Everything!

What is World Life Experience?

1 Year, 12 People, 40 Destinations

World Life Experience takes a group of 12 people from various parts of the globe on a journey to travel across 40 countries, discovering different ways of life, collaborating with local social action organizations, and sharing insights on what they experience through social media.

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  • Portugal - Lisbon
  • Spain - Madrid
  • France - Paris
  • Italy - Rome
  • Croatia - Zagreb
  • Greece - Athens
  • Austria - Viena
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All Expenses paid

All expenses are covered - travel, lodging, food, local experiences, insurance and basic healthcare.
All activities and experiences are planned and completed as a group.

A unique immersive Experience

One year of cultural, entertainment, and social action activities. Participants will work as a group and share their personal insights.

2.500€/month salary

Participants are paid for their Activities and to Share their Experience.
Activities are focused on culture, leisure and social responsibility.
Group participants are required to share their insights about what they've experienced, in writing, through photographs, and video, through World Life Experience’s communication channels (web and social networks).

Project Goals

  1. To promote social responsibility, with direct donations to global NGOs and through hands-on involvement with local organizations;
  2. To offer participants a once-in-a-lifetime experience;
  3. To raise awareness for the world's social and cultural diversity.

24/7 Support

A multidisciplinary team will provide ongoing remote support to the group. At each destination the group will be accompanied by a local guide. All participants will have life insurance and personal injury insurance.

Superior Lodging and Food

In all travel time, meals and transfers will be framed in superior range with all comfort and quality guaranteed.

Four 2-week Breaks

Participants have 4 two-week breaks to return home to rest. At the end of each period the group meets in the next destination.

How can I join World Life Experience?



Who Can Register?

Anyone who meets the age requirement (20 to 35 years old before September 15, 2017). You will also need to have at least intermediate English level. You can register using our REGISTRATION form below until June 30th. Check out the full requirements and conditions in our Terms and Conditions.




If you satisfy all the requirement in the 1st stage (Pre-Application), you'll be asked to complete the 2nd stage (Application) in a restricted area of our website.



What is the Application?

This stage involves a survey and the payment of the 9€ application fee. At this stage, you will be asked to nominate the NGO sector you would like us to donate 2,5€ of the 9€ fee to. At the 3rd stage, you will receive an email with instructions for completing another survey and the English language test.



What kind of people will be selected?

At the 4th stage, the CEGOC Portuguese delegation, which is an independent organization, will carry out the selection process, which includes a further phase of tests and interviews.


30-35 years old


25-35 years old


28-35 years old


24-32 years old


20-35 years old


20-25 years old



The World Life Experience

There will then be a 5th and final stage, during which the candidates will be contacted and told the results of the selection process.

World Life Experience

We are grateful to all of the people interested in the World Life Experience project and for the candidates that applied for the 1st edition of this event that will start soon.

Congratulations to all of those who have completed their initial registration, a process that ended, as scheduled, on the 20 / JUL / 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

All candidates who have registered and that meet the minimum requirements, age and level of English, will have until 30 / JUL / 2017 to complete their application through their restricted area.

Together we are stronger and we will make this global project have a great local impact!


If you’re a NGO, join us!

If you’re a NGO, join us!

NGO’s interest to join this project has been growing significantly, and World Life Experience intends to expand its contribution by creating an opportunity for all of those who wish to join the project. For this reason, we challenged local and international NGOs to apply for one of the 9 areas we have chosen to receive the donations from the project.

The interested should just send an email to our NGO department (CONTACTS) 2,50€ from each application fee will be periodically given to those NGO’s according to the area selected by the candidates.

Current amount collected for donation:


Go Think Initiative






Khmer Youth Association

Centro de Apoio ao Sem Abrigo


Médicos do Mundo

Centro de Formação Sócio-Agrícola Dom Hélder Câmara

Mutirão Agroflorestal


Pastéis de Belém

Pitcher Cocktails


About us


(photo by: zemariara)

  • António Dias (founder | executive director)
  • Pedro Tinoco (co-founder | executive director)
  • Filipa Dias (office manager)
  • Margarida Leite (marketing & communication)
  • Luís Afonso (support department)
  • Mafalda Nobre (creative & operations/partnerships coordinator)
  • Luísa Bravo (creative & operations/partnerships coordinator)
  • Susana Lage (communication manager | public relation)
  • Jorge Serra (marketing assistant)

About us

The “World Life Experience” is an original project, which aims to promote natural cooperation between people, companies and non-governmental organizations. We are a global and unprecedented large-scale project, based on the concept “a fantastic life experience”. A world project for the world that wishes to provide a unique experience through a journey of 12 people to 40 countries, 5 continents, for a year.

Our young and dynamic team has taken on this idea, which has been embraced by the world with passionate interest, and step-by-step is evolving to make it something positive and unique both for the candidates who have registered and for the public who will be able to also go on this special journey through the senses of the selected candidates.

Titles aside we are people with varied personal and professional experiences, family and friends, we are dreamers, we have fears and desires, eccentricities and oddities, but we try to do our work in the most professional way possible to attend to all requests and creatively to inspire new horizons.

I still have some questions...

Frequently asked questions

  • What is World Life Experience?
    World Life Experience is a worldwide event that will take 12 people across 40 countries, through an immersive and unique experience. They will discover different cultures, report on current issues and help with social causes. World Life Experience aims to make a positive impact in the world whilst providing its participants with an extraordinary life experience.
  • Where will participants go, and what will they do?
    Participants will travel throughout 40 different destinations, you can check all destinations in Locations. They will engage in different activities focusing on culture, leisure and social responsibility, and will be required to share their insights on what they’ve experienced through writing, photographs or video.
    Anyone who meets the age requirement (20 to 35 years old as of September 15, 2017). You will also need to have at least Upper-Intermediate level English. You can register using our REGISTRATION form below until June 30th. Check out the full requirements and conditions in our Terms and Conditions.
  • When will World Life Experience start?
    World Life Experience will begin on October 15th 2017. In exceptional circumstances, this date could be subject to change and extended for a maximum of 60 working days. Please check Terms and Conditions.
  • How long does World Life Experience take?
    The trip will last for one year. Participants will have four 15-day periods off during which they can return home. The vacation dates will be scheduled in advance by the event coordinator and communicated in due course to the participants. As this is an ongoing process, we are not yet able to disclose any specific dates.
  • How can I apply to World Life Experience?
    To pre-apply for World Life Experience, fill out the form on JOIN. After registration you will receive an email confirming your Pre-Application.
  • Do I have to pay to apply for World Life Experience?
    The associated value is 9€ and is only paid once. 2,5€ of this amount is donated directly to one of the NGOs associated with World Life Experience. Candidates can choose which NGO sector receives this donation.
  • What is the methodology used in the Selection process?
    In the Pre-Application phase, candidates are selected through validation of basic requirements, like age and English level. The Application phase will ask a series of questions to determine the applicants’ values, communication skills and psychological profile. This questionnaire, together with the English test and several interviews, will provide us with sufficient data to select 12 finalists.
  • How long do I have to wait after Pre-Application?
    You'll receive an email with the outcome of your Pre-Application (1st stage) a few days after your registration, usually 2 or 3 days.
    If you are selected in the 1st stage (Pre-Application), you'll be asked to complete the 2nd stage (Application) in a customised area of our website. This involves a survey and the payment of the 9€ application fee. At this stage, you will be asked to nominate the NGO sector you would like us to donate 2,5€ of the 9€ fee to. At the 3rd stage, you will receive an email with instructions for completing another survey that includes the psychometric tests and the English language test. At the 4th stage, the CEGOC Portuguese delegation, which is an independent organisation, will carry out the selection process, which includes a further phase of tests and interviews. There will then be a 5th and final stage, during which the candidates will be contacted and told the results of the selection process.
    Yes, the organization will contact all candidates.