Ekâo Park

Curitiba, Brazil


Ekôa Park is an ecological paradise within the largest continuous remnant area of Atlantic Forest, which enchants and inspires through unique and transformative experiences, connecting you with your nature.

The park was created from the need to protect and preserve a reserve of 238 hectares of Atlantic Forest. Unfortunately, it is still common areas protected by law, but under private tutelage, they suffer from irregular deforestation, invasion of squatters, hunters, palmiters among other threats. Believing in the power of transformation, the enterprise was designed to change this scenario, acting as a catalyst for new opportunities and disseminating knowledge.

Pérez Scremini

Montevideo, Uruguay


Perez Scremini is the foundation that works for the cure of childhood cancer in Uruguay. He is in charge of the Pediatric Oncological Hemato Service of the Pereira Rossell Hospital.

Here 140 people work: doctors specialized in Hemato Pediatric Oncology, graduates and nurses, a psycho-social team, service assistants, laboratory technicians, managers and administrators who, for more than 20 years, have been looking after the fulfillment of a mission: the cure of childhood cancer, offering a comprehensive approach to the patient and his family.


Mendoza, Argentina


AMAR Foundation was founded in the year 2000 in order to develop, activities, criteria, tools and create the necessary bases for an institutional, family and communal coexistence in love and respect, for a better quality of life at psychophysical and emotional level, implementing it through different forms (courses, talks, conferences and workshops), for education, health and culture.

We are a team of professionals fully dedicated to health in a comprehensive manner where we propose as a central axis "Biodanza" and as a complement to the processes that arise from it, various therapies such as Reiki, yoga, family constellations, evolution of being, enenagrama, massage holistic, Bach flowers and many more.

Hogar de Cristo en Chile

Santiago, Chile


It is a transparent, efficient and effective organization, which animated by the spirituality of St. Alberto Hurtado promotes a culture of respect, justice, and solidarity. 

The Hogar de Cristo welcomes with love and dignity the poorest of the poor, to expand their opportunities for a better life. Invites with enthusiasm and links the community in its responsibility with the excluded of society. 

Because it is not enough to do good, but to do it well; Our actions are guided by values such as Solidarity, Commitment, Entrepreneurship, Respect, Justice, Transparency, and Teamwork.

Hogar Juana de Aza

Cusco, Peru


At Hogar Juana de Aza, we support young mothers and their children as they stand out from the traumas of the past and achieve hope for the future.. 

Our girls are 13 to 18 years old. Each has been subject to abuse against her integrity when she was very young - and she became pregnant with a child while she was still a girl herself. These ten girls and their children were welcomed by the Sisters of the Congregation of Santa Rosa de Lima. Today, with the help of the Sisters, the girls are rebuilding their lives and forging new futures for themselves and their children.


Bogotá, Colombia


To restore and defend the fundamental rights of children and young people in street situations, to work for the strengthening of their family systems and to promote a culture of co-responsibility and citizen participation in the solution of this problem.

For thirty years we have been helping to transform the lives of hundreds of children who have been forced to live and work on the streets of Colombia, and those whose rights have been violated.


Samara, Costa Rica


We active conservation in Protected Areas, beaches and communities of Costa Rica, promoting environmental volunteer with a social conscience. 

We function as a bridge between civil society and natural areas with the aim that more and more people get involved and act responsibly and voluntary conservation of our natural and cultural heritage. Our organization is open to act now for the conservation and development of Protected Areas, for our benefit and future generations space.  
We have a cooperation agreement with the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), allowing us to support the state through our volunteer program in about 20 different areas of the country and about 2,300 volunteers both Costa Rica and different parts of the world every year make possible our efforts towards conservation.


Oaxaca, Mexico


To raise the economic, cultural and social level of the indigenous communities, in conditions of poverty and marginalization through health, education, food security and productive projects that generate well-being for the members of the communities.

"As part of our volunteer program, we receive international volunteers from Spain, Portugal, Russia, Venezuela, Argentina, Ukraine, (Africa) Cape Verde and Brazil from World Life Experiencie from July 24 to 31 of this year, we carry out various assistance activities in the Municipalities of Santa Cruz Nundaco, Santo Tomás Ocotepec, San Pedro and San Pablo Teposcolula and in the towns of Cañada Alejandro, San Miguel del Progreso, Santa María Cuquila, Llano de Guadalupe, Adolfo López Mateos and others from the Heroic City of Tlaxiaco , in favor of low-income families in this Mixtec region of the Oaxaca State."


Tioman Island, Malaysia


We aim to develop highly considerate practices regarding Sea Turtles and environment in and around Kg Juara and Tioman Island, while also creating a research database of the natural life on and around Tioman Island for use as reference and as support for protection of Tioman’s ecosystems.

"My day started at 7 am! I had my first chance to go on boat patrol with America and Freddy. Boat patrol means that you get on the boat and go around the little island to look for turtle tracks and to our surprise, we found TWO!" 

By Arianny


Hanoi, Vietnam


Backstreet Academy is a peer to peer travel platform for the most amazing experiences anywhere. Connecting with people when you travel is one of life’s great experiences.

"This is what travel should be like, every single time. Meet people you'll never get to meet, do things you'll never get to do, with the friendliest people. Building Communities on the ground. Working directly with them intimately, you can be sure we get not only the best people but impact them positively. We also work with local NGOs to ensure community buy-in and building on foundations."

By Carla


Ratchasima, Thailand


Rak Tamachat Permaculture Research and Education Institute is made up of a group of Local Thai and International people who have come together in an Intentional Community Ecovillage to work to change their lives and the lives of others by choosing to follow a different path than the one laid out by the consumer economic driven global economy.

"Learning about permaculture, learning  about taking care of nature, learning that  each element has a role in the system,  learning that the frog doesn't want to scare us, learning that the worms have a really  important function for our plants, that our  plants are important for life, learning that  the lizards are our allies against the mosquitos, understanding that respecting  nature is our responsibility, not only for  us but also for the next generations" 

By Florencia


Skopje, Macedonia

Public Room it’s a cultural Association that works directly with the community in social and cultural programs encouraging youth to act and create their own projects.

"Today we had an amazing opportunity to work with people with down syndrome. We helped them to organize the Public Room and after serve some natural drinks to the customers, including us. The experience was really touching and see that there are still spaces like Public Room encouraging  people with down syndrome to be more involved in their community and make them feel part of it is  impressive and make our work with World Life Experience very worth it. (…) Yes I love these lucky ones!!"

By Carla



Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Narko is an NGO that focuses on drug prevention in the youth community. They have different programs to help children in distress, orphanages and abused children.

"The Narko Association welcomed us in an excellent way! It's not just an important mission with the kids in Sarajevo, but also among the young people who were really interested in the things that we are doing with World Life Experience, even if they are already doing such amazing job as we are."

By Hugo


Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Svitac is a multi-ethnic youth arts organisation. Since 1998 they apply creative arts and education activities to encourage reconciliation within the community following the devastating mid-1990s Bosnian war that the land has yet to really recover from.

"It is really good when you can not only help but also do activities that you really enjoy. It is even much better when you can see the others enjoying it with you. This morning was really nice because we were working with kids!"

By Florencia


Hollókõ, Romania

Edu2Grow Association is part of an informal international consortium of organisations focused on education, together with Dominou Association and CCIF Malta.

“Today we went out to the communities to make the playgrounds a safer environment for children. (...) my favorite part was having children come to us wanting to help us clean, we definitely lead by example and even if the adults can’t see it, the next generation will see it, learn from it and appreciate it."
By Arianny


Budapest, Hungary

Egyesek Youth Association is a community of active youth and young professionals. The aim of their activities is that young people explore their own strengths and resources using them consciously to fulfill their personal and professional life. 

"Egyesek Youth Association is by far MY FAVORITE NGO!! Today, we had the opportunity to plan activities for kids aged 9-12 and we got the chance to carry out the activities with the group. The ladies from the organization are really nice, they have everything organized and in the morning, they gave a presentation to tell us about the organization. In the afternoon, we went to the school to spend time with the kids and they were all really interested to know about us. The language barrier was a little difficult; however; Vera, Ana and Mesha are there to support us whenever we need it."

By Arianny



Zbiroh, Prague


Station Zbiroh is a Czech Republic organization.

"Today we started early in the morning, Jameson told us that the building where we are working is from 1910, and he bought it 15 years ago. We kept working with windows, doors, and garden and after that, we walked for 1hour to go to a castle. It was a really good day because little by little we are seeing the results."

By Florencia

“Another day at the old train station. It begins to feel like home. We can easily go from one place to another and feel like we are part of the house."

By Carla


Maribor, Slovenia

Povod is an institute for culture and the development of international relations in culture.

"One of my highlights in Slovenia was visiting the organization “Soncek”. Soncek means “little sunshine” but I think they got the name wrong because they are brighter than any sunshine I’ve ever experienced in my life."

By Arianny

“In my opinion, it was the most significant day that we’ve had so far. I still have tears on my eyes. For sure, I will never forget our morning visit at the association for handicapped people."

By Artem


Novi Marof, Croatia

Mladi za Marof is a non-governmental organization with aim to motivate young people to volunteer and become active members of their communities.

“We did such a wonderful job on the walls of the organization! We painted the map of Europe and everybody is impressed. I really enjoy working with this person, Ivan, Klara, Tina, Bobek, Dario... All of them are wonderful persons and we enjoyed in the karaoke the whole night.”

By Hugo


Almere, Netherland

Inspiratie Inc. (Inc for Incorporation and In Netherlands Communities) is for everyone looking for an active place in society. They develop new forms of social entrepreneurship, in which the diversity of people with different languages, cultures, ages, and beliefs is central.

"Absolutely lovely people doing incredible and important work by helping refugees. Afterward, we got a ride to our house. It was splendid, and I guess it’s the best place we’ve stayed in so far. We were all tired, so our new sleeping bags were very much needed."

By Artem


Granada, Spain


The Solidarity School Foundation is a project aimed at recovering the family spirit of those whose circumstances have prevented them from experiencing it. It is based on the concept of a universal family. 

Here every belief, idea, religion or conviction is accepted and integrated. We use respect as the method for intervention and personal development.
With this in mind, the Foundation offers a home to those who have been uprooted, excluded, socially disadvantaged and those living with violence: mothers with children, young immigrants, adolescents at risk and adults.
The home is the starting point for personal recovery and within it, we offer the training necessary for future integration into society. This idea is based on a spirit of non-biological parenting. 


Granada, Spain


The Associação de moradores de Ferraria de S. João is a non-profit organization, created to boost self-help through the valorization of its endogenous resources: people (know-how), natural and built heritage, as cultural praxes.

The Xisto(Schist) Villages Network is made up of 27 villages distributed in the interior of the Central Region of Portugal. These small nuclei add regional tourism potential reflected in architecture, environmental amenities, gastronomy, and traditions, among other distinctive cultural elements presented in products and services of excellence.
The Xisto(Schist) Villages Network is a regional development project led by ADXTUR - Agency for Tourism Development of Xisto Villages, in partnership with 21 Municipalities of the Central Region and with more than 100 private operators operating in the territory.

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