After the Arrival, Training day

"The long wait is finally over! Since we've been selected, we went through all kinds of emotions - excitement, happiness, motivation, anticipation...

All kinds of questions went through our heads - What to expect? What will the group be like? Is it really going to happen??!

Upon the arrival at Lisbon airport, we are greeted by the friendly WLE team and all our doubts immediately disappear! This is real and it is really happening! What a year to look forward to!

12 people coming from different cultures. 12 different characters, cultural backgrounds, worldviews, mindsets. But the same mission - to make a positive impact in local communities and make the world a better place to live in. Working in such a diverse group requires flexibility, open-mindedness, adaptability, an ability to put yourself in another person's shoes.

The training last tuesday was meant to prepare us just for that - exercises help us learn how to be flexible, how to listen to each other, understand each other better. We go back to childhood playing games, having fun but at the same time learning and enjoying the process.”

By Ekaterina Engalycheva


The initiative, promoted by OGHAM - Psicoterapia Corporal, Processo Evolutivo pela Arte e Formação ,  aims, through a technique called Core Energetics, to conciliate physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual dimension of the human being, by its creativeness.  

Core Energetics is a behavioural psychotherapy of psychoanalytic inspiration, where the body, movement and breathing take a major role.

Know more about their work at https://www.facebook.com/ogham13/

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