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It’s a cold morning in Sintra when we left Almaa Sintra hostel in order to go to the woods with the Breath Portugal team.

"It’s a cold morning in Sintra when we left Almaa Sintra hostel in order to go to the woods with the Breath Portugal team. They are four: Vasco, João, Miguel and Maria. As soon as we reach the entrance of Monserrate we made a circle to share our hopes for the year to come. We enter the woods with respect and enjoyment. This is the tone of the experience. They make us see the hero that can exist inside every one of us and this brings us together. After an activating walk in the woods, we stopped and created a circle near the river, where we had a mindfulness lesson, where the group and nature turned into one and both breath in unison in a moment of connection with our colleagues, remembering who we are and where we come from. Honestly, is really hard to describe with words the feelings that we felt with this experience. The idea of ecotherapy is one of the most amazing ideas that I ever heard about. Why?  We listen, every day, millions of sounds, we have millions of images that come to our eyes and we process in our brains. But we are losing the time to listen to ourselves, to see deep inside ourselves. The contact with nature, where nothing was created by the human hand; the noises of your own body, which were part of you since you were born till you will die, your own hands, your back, your legs. Those are the sounds that we need to listen now because those were the sounds that we listened at the beginning and we will listen till the end .Being present in nature with the other team members gave us a sense of belonging, we all have things in common that we couldn't even imagine and it felt amazing to open up and talk about our personal life surrounded by pure air and pure energy. This activity was helpful to create a strong ground for the team, to feel more comfortable around each other and to start this journey with tools that will make us stronger. We can't forget that we belong to nature, and whenever we feel stress, fed up, misunderstood, the mother nature will help us.

Breathe Portugal taught us an invaluable lesson, that we shall have very present in this adventure."

Breathe Portugal is a collective of young nature lovers that promote rich and meaningful experiences in Portugal amazing natural spots, with one mission in mind: to nurture and encourage a valuable relationship between people and nature.

They left a message for the World Life Experience travellers, that we much highly appreciated.

"The amazing Sintra mountains were the magical surroundings in which we met the lucky 12 participants. They are not only lucky - they are amazing beings, each one with their own inspiring history. Now, their life histories are about to get even richer, and it was a pleasure to be a part of the beginning of this long journey that the group just started. This Wednesday morning, we took time to walk, breathe, feel, connect and reflect upon the blessings that are about to come in this new year. With an open heart and a focused mind, we are receiving 2018 with a smile on our faces. See you later, explorers!"


To know more about their nature walks, activities and values check them out at:

Website: https://www.breatheportugal.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BreathePortugal/

Instagram: @breatheportugal

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